Be Aware Audio and other sound technologies

Be Aware Audio

This new JLab technology allows outside ambient noise in through the earbuds. Triple tap either earbud to turn on or off. Now phone calls feel natural and you stay aware to hear surrounding sounds during a run. Don't worry, your music will still sound clear. Our earbuds, the Epic Air Elite and Flex Sport, feature this technology.

Here's some examples of when to use Be Aware Audio:

  1. When running outdoors to hear cars and other safety noises
  2. Riding a motorcycle or bicycle to hear cars approaching
  3. Working out with a buddy, so you can chat
  4. When your coworker comes over to ask you a question, no need to pause your music
  5. Talking on the phone, your calls will sound more natural, like your friend is in the room

Be Aware audio hearing surrounding noises

Custom EQ3 Sound

EQ3 Sound lets you adjust the music to your preferred sound setting. Choose between JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost. Adjust to the sound you want through clicks on the earbud, no app required. Hear the difference in this video:

Active Noise Cancellation

Our ANC technology allows you to tune out those unwanted noises around you and focus on your music. You can easily turn off or on the ANC audio with typically a click of a button on our headphones or earbuds that feature this technology.

Here’s how ANC technology works:
There are two types of noise cancellation, there’s active and passive. Passive tends to lead to a heavier headphone, packed with materials to block out the noise, many think this doesn’t work as efficiently. And it doesn’t. Active is more technology based and really works hard to cancel out background noise such as a subway, an airplane engine, or loud traffic.

  • Step 1: The incoming ambient sounds (planes, trains, and automobiles) are trying to break through your headphone’s barrier.
  • Step 2: Inside the headphone is a microphone that picks up those sounds and sends them through the noise canceling process.
  • Step 3: A noise cancellation circuitry inverts the wave to create a new waveform and sends it to the headphones speaker.
  • Step 4: The original ambient sound and new waveform meet and cancel each other out, clearing your music from those pesky distraction noises.

Active Noise Canceling eliminates unwanted wave lengths

Focus on Fit

Many fit technologies for JLab products

We take fit personally – and so should you! Each ear is different and when you’re planning to use your earbuds for the long haul, we want you to enjoy the experience (and not even think about your buds). Whether you’re running a marathon or hopping on a plane, here’s the JLab tech to get the right fit:

Built to Last

We give you premium materials without the rockstar price. And we don’t cut corners on quality. Using premium, durable materials – from premium metal or precision cast plastics on all our earbuds to stainless steel bands in our over- or on-ear headphones. To prove it, we offer a lifetime warranty on all wired earbuds and world-class, US-based service!