Designed for You

Designed for you

When we’re thinking up new ideas for products and features, it’s not just about what’s possible or what would be cool. We’re not sitting around tossing out random ideas that look good on the wall, we actually listen to what you want. And instead of adding in features that make exactly zero sense, we’re always looking for ways to make things easier for you.

JBuds Air Pro True Wireless Earbuds Black

JBuds Air Pro

True Wireless Earbuds

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JBuds Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds 2nd Generation Black
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JBuds Air ANC

True Wireless Earbuds

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Regular price $99.99 Sale price $99.99
2nd Gen
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Tech done better Frankly, it seems like tech brands are more concerned with squeezing every dollar out of consumers than squeezing the most functionality and fun into every product. JLab is a brand that cares. About consumers. About designing for maximum usefulness and useful life. About the entire experience from buying to operating to getting help when needed. Really, about everything. That’s JLab.
The right sound for every moment We get it, sound is personal. When we develop our products and features, we always think about individual preferences and the many ways people experience sound. We help you choose from different settings and customize your sound style to match exactly what you’re doing. We finetune the drivers to make sure they are hitting all the notes and give you tools to get the best fit for optimal sound. No matter what you’re into, JLab offers incredible sound for all of life’s moments— that’s Lab Quality Sound. 

With love from the Lab

What if a brand in personal tech actually cared about consumers and did everything possible to give them the products and experiences they want? Oh hey, that’s us. From product setup, to everyday use, to helpful content and support, JLab offers a complete experience unlike any other. With live dispatches from The Lab, insider benefits, and real people to listen and help you when you need it, we have lots of different ways to show the love.